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get 100$ Azure credits for Students without Credit card

Ayush Chauhan
September 22nd, 2018 · 1 min read

In this blog post I will show you how to sign up for the Microsoft Azure for students offer which doesn’t require credit card.


Get 100$ Azure credits free for student

  • go to
  • Click Activate now and Login in
  • Choose and enter School Email address for Verification link
  • Click on redirection link to activate offer
  • Enter your Mobile number and verify your Mobile using Code sent to you
  • tick the Agreements

Congo buddy. Enjoy your Credits

Couldn’t understand? Follow the blog.

Step 1

Go to and click activate now

Step 1 — Visit the offer link

Step 2

Log in with your Microsoft Account.

Step 2 — Login

Step 3

Choose School Email Address for verification.

Step 3 — Choose verification method

Step 4

Enter your School or College Issued Email address

Step 4 — Enter Email Address

Step 5

Click verify and check your mail. The mail expires in 5 days so do hurry in it.

Step 5 — Click the button to verify and claim

Step 6

Check for the verification link

Step 6- Click on link to confirm Status

Step 7

After redirection enter the mobile number which is active so that you can receive the verification code.

Step 8


Where to go from here?


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